Famous for the biggest chance of winning among the games – other games you have in the Lagutogel. But with the huge opportunities offered by blackjack does not guarantee players to always win. Players who are inexperienced in this game will definitely find it difficult to make a profit in this game.

Especially in blackjack games where the rules set by the casino will make the casino have the lowest game error. When you lack knowledge of strategy and other information players will usually make mistakes.

The only way to minimize mistakes you may make is with years of experience. But not everyone has the time, just like when you learn you can get information faster by reading.

In this article, we will describe the various strategies that you can use in any poker situation that you will encounter later. In addition, with this information you can get the experience of playing from other professional players quickly and for free, of course.


The biggest challenge for new players to the game of blackjack is adapting to the strategy and learning process. Where the game situation changes with new cards being dealt, this is why it is important to know which strategy is suitable for each gaming site. Here are some strategies that you should know.

Progressive Bet Bet Strategy

When in the previous game you got a good card you have to increase your bet amount. These are mistakes you should avoid where there is no logic at work. You may be in luck and not every game you will get a good hand.

To bet all your bets in one game is a fatal mistake. A progressive strategy is a strategy where players increase and decrease the nominal bet based on the results of the previous match. If you are a confident player, it is better to apply this strategy than to make that fatal bet.

Soft 17

If you have often played blackjack, you must already know this term. Where this is a card combination when you get an ace and a card 6. In this situation the player will be hit because it is less likely to pass from 21 when you already have this card combination.

Hard 17

Next is the hard 17 site where you get a total card value of 17 without an ace. When you hit this card combination you have a chance to pass 21 with a percentage of 69%. This means that the safest bet for now is to hold.

Play 9

When your first two cards total more than 9 you can think of Double down. But it is advisable to double down when the dealer has cards 3 to 6. If not the dealer has a chance to get a card close to 21 without bursts or passes from 21.