Rules Game Capsa Sort

In the Capsa Susun game, there are some players who say this game is more similar to the Texas Hol’dem game. Indirectly, the two games are very similar. However, the similarities obtained still have very different game rules.

The rules of the capsa stack game that players should know in its implementation are:

Capsa stacking is performed by a player with a total of 4 people, without the banker being opposed.

The players will get 13 cards dealt.

The 13 cards that are obtained will be arranged by the players in 3 levels.
The top level with 3 cards is the lowest value and combination, the middle level with 5 cards is the second highest value and combination, and the lower level with 5 cards is the value as well as the highest combination.

When the player makes the wrong arrangement in this capsa stacking game, the value that will be obtained later is 0. In the combination card or at the level arranged.
Players will be given between 1 minute to arrange the cards that have been obtained.
When the player does not complete the hand at the specified time, the player will be declared the wrong arrangement and no points will be counted.

Players who have finished compiling within the specified time, have to wait for the other players to finish composing. Or when the given time runs out, new players can compete on the cards they have to get a capsa susun victory.
The opening of the card will start at the first level, followed by the second and last level is the third level.

The player who gets the highest score on the combination and the total points earned will be the winner.

Combination of Capsa Susun Cards

As discussed at the beginning of the topic, this capsa susun game has similarities in the Texas Hol’em game. The card combination to determine the winner is the difference between the two games.

Where the combinations referred to in this game are:

Dragon, has a special card value with 13 cards in a row (only in this game).
Royal Flush, has the highest value with the same suit of cards.
Straight Flush, has the same variety of cards with a smaller value.
4 Of Kind, has 4 twin cards.
Full House, has 3 and 2 twin cards.
Flush, has the same variety as a random value.
Straight, has cards in sequence with different suits.
3 Of Kind, has 3 twin cards.
2 Pair, has 2 pairs of twins.
1 Pair, has 1 pair of twins and the lowest score in the capsa susun game.