DOMINO QQ ONLINE GAME PROCEDURE¬†Until now, many people don’t know how to play Domino QQ. The reason behind this is because this game is a gambling game. So that only people who dare to break the law can play this game.

So, it’s no wonder that when the Domino QQ game entered the online world, it turned out that not too many people played it. For this reason, here I will explain to you the procedure of playing Domino QQ to all of you.

Domino QQ

Actually, in Indonesia, quite a lot of people already know how to play Domino QQ. However, since the emergence of Domino QQ online, now gambling players who try to play are a little confused, where the sensation of playing is a little different from usual.

It’s just that before I explain the Domino QQ game procedure, airtogel want to explain to you what Domino QQ game is first. So that later players who don’t know can understand the procedure better.

Domino QQ is a domino card game that is played by forming the highest number card combination, which is 99. In this game, to find out the card value, you can see it from the number of points printed on the card.

In addition, the value of cards with a value of 10, 11 and 12 will have the following values:

10= 0.
11= 1.
12= 2.

Procedure Game Domino QQ

At the beginning of the game, each player must place a minimum bet first.
Then, 3 cards were distributed to each player.
Later, after all the players get the cards, the players will be given the opportunity to make a decision.
Which of the following options for Domino QQ games are similar to online poker gambling games, namely:

Check = Option for you to see the situation first.
Call = Option for you to follow bets that have been placed by other players.
Raise = Option for you to increase the number of game bets.
Fold = Option for you to withdraw from the game.
Once all the players have made a decision, 1 card is distributed to each surviving player.
Then, once again the players were given the opportunity to make a decision with the same options as No. 3
If after all the players have made their decision, the players who are defending must show their cards. The owner of the card value closest to 99 wins.